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Branding: Bianca’s Cookie Jar

Having worked in marketing for more than 8 years and learning how to promote products into the market, it was easy to help a friend out with her small business.

Bianca Teniente, owner and founder of Bianca’s Cookie Jar, began her custom cookie and cakes small business in 2019 under the brand Bianca Bakes and Creates. Since then, she has exclusively dedicated herself to creating custom cookies and needed a brand that reflected that.

Bianca trusted me to create her new branding for her budding business. She wanted a clean and minimalist style to show off the business she was building as well as incorporating her favorite color. Wanting to keep her name in the banding, what better way to show her baking skill specialty in cookies than incorporating the nostalgic way of storing cookies to the branding: a cookie jar. And so, that is how the new brand name came to be Bianca’s Cookie Jar – Custome Cookies.

Taking an airy script font to create the logo to go with the clean and minimalist feel of the brand I created her name logo that can be added to images she takes on her Instagram and business cards. 

If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area be sure to book Bianca’s Cookie Jar to create custom cookies for your next event.

“Felipa created my company’s logo and overall rebranding of my small business. She incorporated a chic font and my favorite color into the logo name. Similarly, she understood my clean branding I envisioned.”

Mood Board

mood board: bianca's cookie jar

Instagram page with custom highlights

Bianca's Cookie Jar instagram custom highlights

Facebook Branding

Bianca's Cookie Jar - Facebook Page

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