About – Felipa Villegas

Digital Marketing Strategist | Social Media Guru | Agile Marketing

As the Digital Marketing Specialist for UWorld, I get to work with both the marketing team and sales team to create digital strategies in efforts to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and help students pass their high-stakes exams by using our products. I studied Advertising and Public Relations for my undergraduate degree. As my interest and passion for digital marketing grew, I decided to pursue my graduate degree in Digital Marketing and Analytics. Connect with me to learn how I can help take your company’s digital marketing efforts to the next level and start generating real results.

My personality types are DISC Dc (Architect), Myers-Briggs INTJ, and Enneagram 1. I tend to be ambitious, fast-paced, critical, and efficient at work. I’m most energized by speed & efficiency, achieving goals, and independence. See my full personality profile here: https://www.crystalknows.com/p/felipavillegas

Fun Facts:

I currently manage 20 social media channels.
I have created more than 5,000 social media posts.
I have written over 200+ B2B blog posts.
I manage over $50K/month in Google Ads and Social Media Paid Ads.
I helped organize 22 city meetups that helped educate modern marketers on building result-oriented websites with content marketing and analytics. 

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