Hey Felipa, say... what is your story?

I am a Digital Marketing Professional, MarTech Enthusiast, and Content Creator

Most people go to college and get a career in what they majored in and pick up a hobby. Me? I was lucky enough to really enjoy what I learned in school, work full-time in marketing, and also enjoy it outside of the 9-5 work setting. Marketing IS my hobby. Now I want to teach others what marketing can do for them.

felipa villegas digital marketer

This is me, Felipa.
I'm here to practice digital marketing and help others with it too.

In my 9 to 5, I work with both the marketing team and sales team to create digital strategies in efforts to increase brand awareness and generate quality B2B leads. I studied Advertising and Public Relations for my undergraduate degree. As my interest and passion for digital marketing grew, I decided to pursue my graduate degree in Digital Marketing and Analytics. Connect with me to learn how I can help take your company’s digital marketing efforts to the next level and start generating real results.

My personality types are DISC Dc (Architect), Myers-Briggs INTJ, and Enneagram 1. I tend to be ambitious, fast-paced, critical, and efficient at work. I’m most energized by speed & efficiency, achieving goals, and independence. 

Fun Facts About Me

  • I have managed 25 social media channels for 1 company.
  • I have created more than 5,000 social media posts.
  • I have written over 200+ B2B blog posts.
  • I created and managed over $70K/month in Google Ads
  • and Social Media Paid Ads.
  • I helped organize 22 city meetups that helped educate modern marketers on building result-oriented websites with content marketing and analytics.